“Working with Concenter was a great experience. Their Salesforce overlay is just what we needed for our financial services firm. After 4 years of working with Salesforce and not getting the service we needed, to customize Salesforce to the needs of our business, we are very grateful to have a wonderful solution. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Concenter. I would definitely recommend them to other financial services firms.”

– Kate R.

“Our project with Concenter Services to implement XLR8 went incredibly well. They did everything they said that they would do on time and made the transition as painless as possible.”

–Steven M.

“They were very hands on and responsive to all my questions. I felt that they understood our business requirements and what would work for us, and we didn’t have to spend a lot of time explaining our business. We were able to focus on customizing the platform to serve us instead.”

– Alissa W.

“Concenter was outstanding from start to finish. They not only made the transition less stressful but also provided valuable information and insight on how Salesforce could help improve our firm’s internal processes and client service.”

– Jennifer Y.

“Concenter was great. They strived to understand our business and our unique needs. They built a few custom objects for us that weren’t otherwise available. They were communicative and attentive.”

– Matt B.

“XLR8 definitely simplifies our lives. It’s user friendly and the perfect fit for financial advisors.”

– Nina A.

“Perfect fit for wealth managers….really improves how business is done. It is nice that it integrates so well with document management apps as well.”

– Kendahl M.

“We hired XLR8 to set us with our salesforce CRM and had a great experience working with the team at Concenter to get set up. They absolutely exceeded our expectations and would recommend them to anyone looking implement a CRM.”

– Jared T.

“The #1 reason we chose XLR8 and chose to work with Concenter is because they had already built out the customization for a Financial Services firm. We really didn’t need to do any customizations, it was all done for us. This was a great experience for something that could go very wrong. The team at Concenter were patient with me when I didn’t understand something. The whole migration, training and implementation happened so quickly, there was no down time. The communication with the team was great, I always knew what was in process and being done. Having gone through a migration to Dynamics and trying to do it ourselves using a consultant, and then scrapping it three months later, this was actually a pleasure compared to that experience! I would highly recommend XLR8 and the team at Concenter!”

– Terri C.

“It’s been a few months since we moved to XLR8, and we are 100% satisfied that we made the right choice. Rather than working directly through Salesforce or another consultant, the transition was much easier since XLR8 has already done the build-outs for Financial Advisors, and they had the integrations for Black Diamond and Schwab.
The XLR8 team was very thorough with our Data Migration, and their Training allows us to feel much more confident using XLR8 than we did with our previous system – and it’s helping us move towards Paperless.”

– Jennifer M.

“I spent countless hours researching the next step in CRM for our firm. We were migrating our information from ProTracker SQL Database and I knew that we wanted something that we could really make our own and was mobile/web based. Salesforce fit the bill 100%, except I needed help with the customization. I did due diligence on a few companies and after speaking with everyone’s client references, it was clear that XLR8 was the best at what they do.

The people at XLR8 know the salesforce system inside and out. Before we started the migration, we had many, many, many meetings to go over every little detail on how we’re going to map everything so that we have the least amount of cleanup to do afterward. I am a bit of a perfectionist (sorry Cele and Bev!!) and I had endless questions, which they handled very professionally. After migration, they did a great job helping me organize all the cleanup and worked diligently to work out any issues we had.

I certainly learned some things through this process, the biggest is that changing CRMs is not for the faint of heart!! The other is that having the right partners is absolutely essential and XLR8 is it. You absolutely get what you pay for and they are worth every penny. Thanks for everything, I look forward to working with you to refine our system for many years to come!!”

– Jason G.

“As strategists and implementers of CRM and other integrated tech in the industry, the XLR8 Salesforce version is the easiest SF version to use. It has the most comprehensive layout of useful information that we believe is necessary to grow your business and network. We have also found the Process EZ linear process tool super easy to use and a great stepping stone for firms looking to build more complex workflows in the future. The service and programmer team at XLR8 is excellent and we give XLR8 5 stars for listening to what advisors truly need, building the customized compliant system and servicing those that truly want a helping hand to kick start their use.”

– Jennifer G.

“It has been a great experience working with the people at Concenter. The onboarding process was smooth and seamless. They handled everything and walked us through the training to get our team using Salesforce more effectively.”

– Noah M.

“With many years of software conversion projects under my belt I can say without a doubt that Concenter is one of the best teams I’ve come across. Even though they were faced with a complex migration from a highly customized Goldmine installation that was full of surprises, they completed the project on time and within budget. In the end their excellent project management, communication, and great support made what could have been a nightmarish project, a smooth transition.”

– Jim W.

“Concenter and the XLR8 package exceeded my expectations in every way. I’m grateful such an option exists in the marketplace.”

– Christian M.

“It was presented well with attention to our concerns and when we needed clarification or even reiteration. The ladies are all very nice and knowledgeable making us very comfortable. We are very much looking forward to using XLR8 to it’s fullest potential.”

– Sam N.

“I think we are astonished at how quickly and almost perfectly this process/project went. Bev and Sandy were excellent to work with, and everyone else on the team was easy to communicate with. The training was easy to follow and enjoyable. The migration was almost perfect, but any errors were fixed immediately. It has been lovely to work with a group that is so knowledgeable and easy to work with! We look forward to continuing our on-going relationship with Concenter Services. The only issue we had was with the eMoney migration. We were led to believe that every person in the firm would be able to see the eMoney information which was not true – you need a license to see this information. However, I know that they are working on refunding our money for this migration.”

– Elaine W.

“Fabulous experience from beginning to end. Constant followup and communication to assure the project was always moving forward. Once implemented, the user interface and productive attributes of the program have greatly enhanced my practice. I would highly recommend Concenter Services to any practice in the wealth management industry.”

– Tara W.

“This is my second time working with Concenter Services and they have done an excellent job each time. They are very helpful and make sure you are 100% happy with the project.”

– Amber P.

“They kept what they promised. Highly satisfied so far. Looking forward to a great relationship.”

– Falko H.

“We liked the XLR8 demo we were given prior to making our decision. The product delivered as promise, the migration went through without any issues, our questions and requests for changes were done correctly and efficiently. Training was excellent and hands on.

XLR8 as a product, the migration team and training team have all exceeded our expectations.”

– Nina A.

“Very helpful. Kept us on a consistent timeline and followed up quickly every time I had a problem.”

– Lori J.

“Great experience from beginning to end.”

– Bill D.

“Do not underestimate the time YOU will have to put into data migration. Do not let anyone push you into an overly aggressive timeline- it will just end with stress and mistakes.”

– Natalee E.

“Thoughtful, individual attention throughout the process.”

– Cathy S.

“We had a few changes of dates for the scheduled training. They were done at times very inconvenient for the trainer, but to suit our office, so we greatly appreciated the effort made and professionalism involved.”

– Russell M.

“The people at Salesforce.com were awful and fooled me into believing their high priced and wrong solution was what I needed. They then were unwilling to correct anything. It really left a bad taste in my mouth. However I give the team at Concenter-XLR8 a 10. They truly promised a lot and then delivered more.”

– Gary D.