XLR8 Integrations

Your CRM is the hub of your relationship with your customers and must contain all important information related to your clients. Over the years, Concenter Services has been able to build relationships with other products and maximize available integrations to connect key systems with XLR8. This industry is constantly growing and changing, and that is true for integrations as well. Specific details about integrations that are available for your tech stack can be provided as a part of your initial conversation/demo or subsequent conversations. It is important to note that there are a few different types or ways that data or systems can be integrated to the XLR8/Salesforce system:

Standard Salesforce Integration

For industry specific products, there are several that have created standard Salesforce integrations that allow you to utilize what they have built with your XLR8/Salesforce environment. While these integrations will differ product to product, they are generally available to be utilized. Some examples of this type of integration are Orion, Schwab Openview Gateway, Tamarac, AdvicePay, MyRepChat, etc.

Custom XLR8 Built Integration

In some cases it makes more sense to build custom integrations with industry products to allow data to pass between systems but in a way that is specific to the data model of XLR8. Examples of this type of integration would be Black Diamond, LaserApp, MoneyGuidePro, Etc

Data Exports/Imports

Data Export/Import Jobs - For systems that do not have either of the previous bullets available but have important data that is able to be manually exported, there is the ability to set up a tool to import this data manually or on a scheduled basis. Some examples of this would be Fidelity, Advent APX, Pershing, Etc.

Salesforce Appexchange

XLR8 users also have access to the Salesforce AppExchange to connect other business systems like phone systems, email, document management, scheduling tools, document generation and more.

We are always looking to partner with those committed to providing tools that enhance and simplify our clients’ experience through unique offerings, integrations, and development. If you are a vendor interested in integration, drop us a line!