XLR8 Features

Below are some key features of the XLR8 system. These enhancements are built to provide XLR8 users with tools and solutions to support their business. XLR8 users can enjoy enhancements to the Salesforce platform in the three annual Salesforce Platform releases (Spring, Summer, and Winter), while also having access to industry specific features and updates through XLR8 releases. The roadmap of XLR8 development is directly influenced by our community’s input, changes within the industry, and the ever evolving landscape of the Salesforce platform.

XLR8 Structure

The XLR8 structure is architected to build key account information and relationships under an Entity record. With different Entity record types provided, you can capture objects, fields and information specific to that Entity type. (Client Households, Client Business, Prospects etc). All financial, contact, activity, communication, and business processes related to the account can be seen from a single location.

XLR8 Process Engine

The Process Engine is a custom XLR8 feature built specifically to support repeatable, common processes for your firm. This feature allows you to create custom process templates that document the uniform way that a process should go, and then use that template throughout XLR8 anytime that a process needs to be completed. Steps in a process represent tasks that can be assigned to either a specific user, firm role, the process owner, the record owner, or even a shared queue!

XLR8 Custom Objects

XLR8 is packed with custom objects to help you track and manage information your firm needs to serve your clients, including: Relationships to track centers of influence and see how Contact records in XLR8 are related to other records Assets and Liabilities for any accounts or liabilities that belong to the entity Case Management handles your pipeline to be able to manage and track the sales process for Insurance, New Accounts, Planning, Unmanaged funds, or Tax Services Plus many more

XLR8 Meaningful Activity Tracking

Meaningful Activity Tracking allows you to associate tasks and events to review dates that you’re tracking on the entity record so that once those task and events are completed your review dates will be automatically updated!

XLR8 Planning Roadmap

The Planning Roadmap object offers a collaborative summary of a client's current planning focus and achievement. In each Roadmap you can create and update client assignments and associate overall household goals that are currently being worked on. It provides an easily accessible and organized place to be in touch with the who, what, why.

XLR8 Reporting

XLR8 Reports can be built from any object/fields in the system. You can filter your report criteria to show a specific set of data. Once reports have been built, you can leverage your report data to populate into a dashboard, and then place the dashboard on different page layouts to reflect the information you want to view.

XLR8 Mobile Access

Take XLR8 and your business anywhere you go with the Salesforce Mobile App. Firms can access, create, and interact with all XLR8 features even while on the go!

Salesforce Consulting

When you sign on with XLR8 you are also signing on with one of the best teams in the Salesforce community. To keep focused and continue to provide exceptional service, we remain dedicated to working only with XLR8 clients – both current clients and those making the transition. Our consulting team excels at planning and executing full transition projects including data migration, training, customizations, and integrations to ensure a successful transition. XLR8 firms are also able to leverage the consulting team throughout their use of XLR8 for any project or consulting work they may want along the way. By combining both the product/licensing side of XLR8 with the project/consulting team of Concenter Services, XLR8 firms are afforded an ongoing partnership that is unmatched.


The XLR8 XCHANGE is an interactive experience for all active XLR8 users to be able to connect and communicate with other XLR8 users to share ideas, experiences, best practices, etc. It also houses our video library containing past webinar series and resource library containing helpful how-to guides.

XLR8 Ongoing Support

Included in our licensing fee, firms have access to our Ongoing Support with the Concenter team. Located right on your Home Page, Admin Users have access to our case portal to open up a case at anytime!