Dialing up Skills

We believe training is the key to quicker success and acceptance of new technology. When your firm signs on as an XLR8 customer, we offer all users the general training necessary to thrive with their new CRM. Your success begins with understanding the power behind XLR8 and the Salesforce platform.

We provide live web-based sessions that include XLR8 general training and XLR8 admin training, and even offer XLR8 customized training if your firm has special requests. In addition, training videos embedded in XLR8 always offer a quick reminder of how to do something – and they are just a few clicks away!


XLR8 General Training

  • XLR8 general training is designed for all users within the firm.

XLR8 Admin Training

  • XLR8 Administration training is designed for those in your firm who will be the control point (system administrators) of the system. Administrators will be trained on security, field and page layout modifications and process creation. Administration training also includes a private consultation two weeks after your firm goes live, to answer any questions and ensure that your administrators are up to speed. Once fully trained, system administrators will be fully functional and able to manage requests, issues and changes for your firm. For a flat fee, the standard XLR8 training package is open to all users within the firm.

XLR8 Customized training

  • XLR8 training can be customized specifically for your firm. This training covers the way your business has decided to incorporate XLR8 into its business process. Additionally, we provide custom training on specific topics with an agenda that fits your requirements. Custom training is designed and delivered at a reasonable hourly rate.